Travelling Crochet Projects

Dear readers and followers (yes, I do like to deceive myself thinking someone actually reads this… ahah!), it is my most absolute pleasure to share with you that this little scientist is now officially ON HOLIDAYS!!! Yaayyyy!!!

the knitting scientist on holidays

This year I will be visiting my friends and family back in my country of origin. I could call it home, or homeland, but I truly feel that my home is now Australia. I will be travelling half the world back and forth, leaving me with a total of almost 70 hours, in between flying and waiting periods, of absolute pain and boredom. Don’t get me wrong, I do like travelling. I love visiting new places, knowing new cultures, meeting new people… It’s the time spent between airports that I find torturing, especially in long travels like these. Soooooo I will urgently need something to keep me busy when I’m not sleeping, eating, or shopping on duty free or looking for the boarding gate of my next flight.

My Winter Alpaca Dress

My Winter Alpaca Dress

I’ve been working on a crochet dress to wear in Winter, over a warm turtle neck jumper, following this pattern, and using Ice Yarns Pure Alpaca in black and red. Thought about pairing it with a nice scarf in the same colours (have to use up all that leftover yarn!) and with the same chevron pattern. That might make a nice travel project, but it requires me to take more than one ball of yarn.

I love crocheting amigurumi, little crochet or knitted creatures that make adorable soft toys. My small handmade business started when I sold my first crochet teddy bear, so I guess it’s understandable that I almost share an emotional connection with these tiny creatures.

Valentina, one of my teddy bear amigurumi

Valentina, one of my teddy bear amigurumi




Earlier this year I found this amazing crochet farm animal book. I’ve been saving it for when I feel inspired because amigurumi need to be made not only with yarn and hook, but also with soul.

It’s been a while since I’ve made amigurumi – I think I made the last ones last Christmas as gifts for my flatmates – and I feel it is that time again. Because they are worked in small pieces that can be assembled and stuffed later, they make good small travelling projects; and I have just the perfect yarn to make a couple of them! A vintage 100% pure virgin wool made in New Zealand that was given to me through a ‘freecyclers’ group.


What I’ll do with them once their finished is another matter. But who knows, maybe in a month’s time you can find a bit of my travels available on my Etsy shop 😉


About The Knitting Scientist

I was born in a land where the sun shines bright, time passes by slowly and people take pride in what they do. My mom taught me my first stitches and I never put down my hook and needles again! Later I became a scientist, dwelling within the mysteries of life and the universe, using logic and analytic thinking, giving my humble contribution to human knowledge. Scientist during the day, knitter at night. Just like a super hero, creative hands on an analytic mind is my super power! That's me and this is my story lost among test tubes and balls of yarn!

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