First Giveaway – Winner announced!

One of my new year’s resolutions was to share with you the joy of the things I make. The first giveaway for this amazing pair of handmade earrings started in late January. I must admit I was a bit greedy aiming for 100 comments on facebook so I decided it was about time to pick a winner. Winner was randomly picked by Woobox among all comments on this picture posted on my facebook page. And here she is!


The winner of the first The Knitting Scientist giveaway is…


(drums playing… the suspense… the drama…)


Gina Cornelius!!!!

The knitting scientist first giveaway winner

Congratulations Gina!!! I am sooooo happy you won! Please contact me with your post address by email or by private message on facebook. These will make awesome Spring earrings! 🙂

For those of you that didn’t win or simply don’t use facebook, stay tuned! Soon there will be a giveaway for blog comments only!


About The Knitting Scientist

I was born in a land where the sun shines bright, time passes by slowly and people take pride in what they do. My mom taught me my first stitches and I never put down my hook and needles again! Later I became a scientist, dwelling within the mysteries of life and the universe, using logic and analytic thinking, giving my humble contribution to human knowledge. Scientist during the day, knitter at night. Just like a super hero, creative hands on an analytic mind is my super power! That's me and this is my story lost among test tubes and balls of yarn!

One comment

  1. Eek! I’m so excited! Can’t wait to wear them, thank you so much!


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