My little bag of comfort

Around 6 months ago I moved further away from the city. I went from a 15 minutes bus ride to work to almost an hour journey: a 10 minute walk, a 30 minute train ride and finally 20 minutes on a bus. While I am not a big fan of knitting on the bus because it’s a bumpy ride and there’s not a lot of space, I must confess I am an avid train knitter/crocheter.

So every morning I pack my latest ongoing project in a small fabric bag I have sewn myself, chuck it in my handbag and make my way to the train station.

The Knitting Scientist's work in progress commuting bag

The Knitting Scientist’s work in progress commuting bag

Sometimes, however, I don’t feel like knitting. Either because I’m tired, or busy with something else or my hands are too sweaty… Still every morning I religiously pack my knitting bag. Even if I don’t even open it, it’s comforting to know that it’s there in my handbag just in case I need to wander away to knitting wonderland!…


About The Knitting Scientist

I was born in a land where the sun shines bright, time passes by slowly and people take pride in what they do. My mom taught me my first stitches and I never put down my hook and needles again! Later I became a scientist, dwelling within the mysteries of life and the universe, using logic and analytic thinking, giving my humble contribution to human knowledge. Scientist during the day, knitter at night. Just like a super hero, creative hands on an analytic mind is my super power! That's me and this is my story lost among test tubes and balls of yarn!

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