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Well well… this hasn’t been the most active blog in blogging history, has it? Although I’m regularly active on Facebook and Instagram, I am not a very big fan of Twitter and I have obviously been neglecting my blog…

But fear not, my nerd loving brothers and sisters! I am here today to give you the most invaluable organising tip you will ever read… in the next… hmmmm… let’s say… 5 seconds!

Some time ago, I came across the term “Bullet Journal” and all its life organising wonders on the blog of a friend. At the time I must confess I did not pay too much attention to it but kept it on the back of my mind as something to look into in the future. As time goes by and you realise you’re not getting any younger, you finally decide to admit to yourself you need something to keep you on track of… well… anything really… life itself!

The Bullet Journal system is not just another planner. It’s an organising system that works for you. You customise it to your lifestyle and to your needs. You can decorate it with pretty drawings or washi tape if you’re into it or you can just leave it plain and simple. You can organise it monthly, weekly or daily, whatever suits you best. You can add different trackers, like mood trackers (so you can finally realise, like I did, that you are indeed a cranky bitch ahaha!), book trackers (no, no cheating! No one is going to believe you have actually read all those books anyway!), movie trackers (hey, why not set yourself a goal on how many movie dates you can get this year?), and whatever else you can think of. It is your journal, made by you for you. Isn’t this great?

In May last year, struggling to keep up with meal planning, shopping and cleaning schedules and random life events, I indulged myself into a stationery shopping session (ah! Betcha this is something you did not know about me! I have a childhood obsession with anything stationery!), pulled up my sleeves and started my first BuJo!bujo

It was a work in progress as I learned what worked best for me and how much time I could dedicate to it, how much customisation/decoration could I cope with, features that I didn’t need, features I really needed, how often did I need to schedule certain things, etc… But by mid-year I had come up with a very solid organisation system that really worked for me. I even applied the Bullet Journal concept to my lab notebook, indexing all experiments, listing future experiments and a project tracker. It has been working wonderfully!

One thing I noticed, however, was that the whole decorative side of it was getting out of control. Sure, I love to see all the beautiful hand-drawn BuJos you can find online, but 1) I am terrible at hand-drawing and 2) I just didn’t have the time. I found myself dreading having to draw all the text boxes and tiny calendars every month, it was getting me behind schedule and missing the whole BuJo purpose.

So this year I decided to make a Bullet Journal template that I can just print off and add minimal features. Most of the customising/decoration work has been done, I just need to complete it as I go. It is packed with all the things I love, like cats, owls and foxes, vintage drawings and some humorous details. It includes a mood tracker, a book tracker, a movie tracker and a crafts projects tracker (and a very ambitious wishlist!). It has a section for cooking recipes at the end that you can add to as you go. On the weekly pages, each daily textbox has a header that needs to be completed with day, weather and mood (I kept forgetting to complete my mood tracker so I thought it’d work best if I had a daily mood feature that could then be compiled into the mood tracker itself). It has references to my own life story, like a celebration of Australia Day in January and of the Portuguese Carnation Revolution in April. I left the pages unnumbered, as it gives me the freedom to add random pages/documents in between, if I so choose to.

I have made it in powerpoint and saved it as a pdf file and you can download it here. You can use it as is, if it works for you, or it can serve as an inspiration to make your own.

Being the restless mind that I am, this of course has opened a can of worms and I am already thinking about future BuJo versions, with science inspiration and knitting inspiration and shoes inspiration and vintage inspiration and… and… and… AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Enjoy! 🙂

PS -> I would love to see your BuJo too!







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I was born in a land where the sun shines bright, time passes by slowly and people take pride in what they do. My mom taught me my first stitches and I never put down my hook and needles again! Later I became a scientist, dwelling within the mysteries of life and the universe, using logic and analytic thinking, giving my humble contribution to human knowledge. Scientist during the day, knitter at night. Just like a super hero, creative hands on an analytic mind is my super power! That's me and this is my story lost among test tubes and balls of yarn!

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